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Unity City Academy views E-Safety as an essential element to today’s learning and as such seeks to ensure all students receive appropriate guidance and information, which is re-enforced through the curriculum and pastoral system.

Key to this, are the E-Safety learning programmes delivered from within the curriculum and in particular by the ICT Department.

All students cover an essential E-Safety module, as part of their ICT lessons, when they arrive at the Academy in year seven. A refresher version of this E-Safety module is delivered each year to all year groups, following the initial year seven module.

ESafety issues which may arise, or updated ESafety guidance will be brought to the attention of the students, either by the ICT Department, or via the vertical pastoral system.

In addition to this and as part of the Academy scheme which has provided laptops for students at home, special parents evenings have been held, where ELearning has been explained and information and guidance has been issued, this has included parental support sites which provide up to date guidance.

Staff also receive E-Safety training and are briefed regarding signs of cyber bullying or abuse, in the classroom. The Academy operates a secure, firewalled ICT system, which incorporates internet and email monitoring, of all staff and pupils. Staff and pupils are aware of this system and have signed an ICT acceptable usage agreement.


All students have access to google docs and google drive.  This means that students  an access learning materials and software which have been provided to them by their teacher. 

Staying safe on line.

We are all enjoy going on line, however, we are all potentially at risk when we share information on line. Take a look at the following websites and take on board the advice given.

Think U Know



If you want another source of advice that is really helpful and confidential take a look at the Childline website. 

Click here for some easy rules to follow when you use the Internet or download our latest guide.  Remember you are in control.