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Whitby Trip

On a wet, cold and miserable Tuesday, 45 Y7 students went to Whitby to visit the inspiration for Bram Stoker's Dracula. This tied in with their Gothic horror assessment this term in English. The excitement started as soon as the students left Middlesbrough and spotted Roseberry Topping, with many vowing to conquer it one day!

As the students arrived in front of the 'Whale Bones', they caught their first glimpse of the Abbey.  The enthusiasm soon built they made their way to The Dracula Experience, which had opened especially for the academy. The excitement was palpable. Then...they were inside....and fear kicked in! Lots of screaming and terrified wails later, the students were back on the street.

After a slow amble along Church Street to catch their breath, the students arrived at the mountain of stone steps with the shadow of the Abbey hanging above them. The students walked around the perimeter of the Abbey and discussed the different ideas that Bram Stoker may have had whilst staying in the town. The students then visited the Church of St. Mary and graveyard next to the Abbey.

Time for lunch...definitely everyone's favourite part of the day! Mr Chips restaurant provided everyone with excellent food and service. 

Finally the students made a quick detour past Captain Cook's old house and had a very interesting discussion about who he actually was!