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This years Year 11 GCSE PE Class ventured to Skipton, North Yorkshire in order to complete their practical assessment for their GCSE Examination. This involved an extremely difficult, non-stop 3 days of activity. 

Having being woken from their cosy beds on Monday morning at 6, a short 2 hour drive later and before they even unpacked their bags they were thrown straight onto a bike! After numerous challenges and mountain climbs they finally arrived back at the centre for 6pm ready for 2 hours of theory work! This would be the case for the next 3 days!

All students worked extremely hard and gave everything they could in order to achieve some fantastic grades, although they were more bothered by the Wi-Fi password......

One particular highlight had to be 6ft 2 Ryan Patton attempting to challenge two geese only to run and bowl himself over in fear.

On the journey home many slept and not many spoke due to the effort they had placed into the 3 days assessment!

Well done and goodbye High Adventure.