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London Trip

On Thursday 2nd February 40 UCA students and 4 members of staff entered the Victoria Albert Museum to participate in a challenge around one of the largest buildings in London.

It began after an eight hour bus ride to the nation’s capital.  We started by splitting into teams of 3 or 4 and navigating our way to room 94 where we found a man with more instructions to help us find out what had really happened to the deceased captain.  This then lead to almost three hours of wandering around a museum trying to find the murderer, the weapon and the location.   After endless searching for the truth we then regrouped in the room we started in to discover that team ‘The Best’ (consisting of Jack , Tristan and Kieron) had won. They managed to find the weapon and murder location. Even though we didn’t all win, we all had fun.


After dinner at Maxwell’s Covent Garden we made our way to the playhouse theatre, stopping briefly to take pictures near the London Eye. We went to the theatre to watch a production of An Inspector Calls which is one of the plays we study for our GCSEs.  Once there we grouped with the people we would be sitting with for the show. We then entered to find our seats in the upper level; however, we were soon distracted by the incredible performance happening before us. The incredible show, which bought JB Priestley’s classic tale to life, left the audience in never ending applause. It was truly amazing.

After a good night’s sleep and a large breakfast the pupils and the teachers made their way to Shakespeare’s famous globe theatre where we split into two groups of 20. Who made their way to a tour of the house and a workshop on Romeo and Juliet ,which is one of plays we study at GCSE.  The tour consisted of a walk around a replica of the very famous theatre where we stood on stage and practised some of the famous lines.   All while we were given fun facts by our tour guide on the era. We also got to sit in some of the seats and discover how the audience saw Williams plays back then.  After this, we were taken into a separate building and taken through exercises which helped us to understand the plays characters even more.

The London dungeons are a thrilling tour looking over all the important people and places in English history. A fun tour that adds the scare factor to some of the most well-known tragedies in England with this year’s theme being “can you escape the great fire of London “.  Rides with a medieval twist are brought into the attraction, the main ride being an experience that simulates the most famous way of being executed using the well-known guillotine. 

Overall we all had a great time and leant a lot about An Inspector Calls, the Globe Theatre and London.