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Duke of Edinburgh Award

An intrepid group of young explorers from Y10 took part on a practice navigation exercise at Roseberry Topping. The students will eventually complete a 2 day expedition, as they work towards their Duke of Edinburgh bronze award.

Considering that their map reading training had been a bit limited and their confidence was very low, they exceeded all expectations. Although Mr Hamilton was only there for a bit of inspiration, they only had to look at him sweating teacakes to realise that they were not quite as warm as they reckoned!

Through regular map checks, with the team and leader, they did not have any major detours and achieved a points tally of 39 and reached the pick-up point on time.

Whilst every member of the team showed commitment and resilience, the one who shone through, never lost her sense of humour and was encouraging the others throughout was Lucy.  However everyone had a great time and they are all looking forward to their 2 day expedition in Y11. 

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