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Top Story - Junior Doctors Walk out

Junior doctors across the country have walked out of hospitals after a new contract that would pay cuts for them was imposed by the government. 86% of 860 adults in the UK have chosen to support the strike which is set to go on for 48 hrs. The government is saying that the current arrangements that were introduced in the 1990s are outdated and unfair. The new contract will include seeing doctors paid 50% above normal rate on Saturdays. All of the non-urgent check-ups and surgery will be postponed until Friday morning. Over 5000 operations had been cancelled ahead of the strike.

Now they have started to fear that hospitals will become overcrowded on Thursday because of the lack of people to help discharge patients. So far 19000 have been postponed till Friday; the NHS is known to carry out 30 procedures every day.   This is the latest walkout to take place but is so far the longest. The junior doctors make up a third of the medical force in England. People fear slightly that our junior doctors could be moving to Scotland for work as they (along with wales) have decided not to impose the new contract because they have not seen a rise in health issues at the weekend. They hope that not imposing the new contract and tempting them up north could help with the staff shortages.

In Northern Ireland junior doctors are not striking because negotiations are still going on with the minister .However he is saying that imposing the new contact is the worst thing that could happen.

Despite Wales and Northern Ireland not imposing the contract they say it could happen in the future.



Latest News

Teesside University opens 'Snooze Room' 

Teesside University has recently opened a new ‘snooze’ room where the busy students can go to take a rest. As bizarre as it may sound it is not the only one in the United Kingdom, with a total of two overall. The students of the university say that it’s a fantastic idea as they have very busy lives and it’s a good place to go and have a catnap.

The facility has been used a lot lately proving it’s in good use and is increasingly gaining popularity. The snooze room is completely free of charge and the students merely need to book time if they wish to use it. It is giving them all a short but valuable rest during the day.

Teesside University allows students to sleep between lectures.

The vice-president of welfare at the students union explained that is been shown that sleep and rest are vital for strong academic success which led the university to creating the newfound ‘snooze’ room.



Teesside Mum Honoured With Hero Award

Ingleby Barwick mum Gemma has raised over £200,000 over five and a half years for families to buy specialised equipment. Gemma Sands a teacher at Rye hills School in Redcar set up the charity Remembering Rebecca in august 2010 with her husband Michael Sands. She did this after her daughter Rebecca died from a brain malformation called lissencephaly when she was just 21 months old.

Over the years the Sands family have organised multiple fundraising events including sponsored runs, children’s parties and charity balls.

Gemma was given the award by Jane Stephenson who is a patron of charitable movement. She was able to receive this award after a parent she has supported nominated her.

Now they have started a project for the siblings of the children, led by twelve year old Charlotte. This organisation has been able to organise things like pamper parties and days bowling.

They have now raised enough money that they were able to buy several caravans at primrose valley and Reighton Sands for 70 families.



Blind people have new hope of a cure after recent scientists used stem cells to restore the people’s vision. As well as just blind people others with just visual problems the cure may work for them as well. Currently in the UK 2000000 people are suffering with sight loss. It is sad to hear that in every five seconds someone goes blind. Including the children that become partially sighted or blind.

Previous studies show that the type of cell such as those that form the retina or cornea can actually be created in the laboratory from pluripotent stem cells which can become almost any tissue in the body. Both the Cardiff University and the Japanese university Osaka proves that corneal cells can be created and transplanted. Andrew Quantock said that “this could set the stage for future human clinical trials on anterior eye transplantation”.

US researchers have also used patient stem cells to regrow parts of their eye. Now scientist’s hope human trials may follow, potentially meaning those with lost or damaged vision could one day see again.  



Women trapped in a van for 4 hours was rescued by a group of cyclists.

One of the men who were in the group said they heard noises from the back of a van. They thought it was a kidnapping.

The women got trapped after going into the back to get a pen and the wind closed the door behind her.

The cyclist said “As we got closer and realised it was definitely a women banging on the doors of the back of a van and screaming for help, we were scared ourselves”.

The cyclists are trying to raise £250,000 for sport relief, have visited universities around the UK and are organising outdoor bike riding sessions.


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Boro Bottle It

Boro suffer another defeat to a struggling team as they are beaten 1-0 by Rotherham.


Middlesbrough were beaten by a Lee Frecklington last minute winner in a game they really should have won. Boro dominated the game but couldn’t finish their chances and the hosts capitalized in the into the lead with a powerfull effort into the center of the goal. The defeat leaves Boro 4 points behind leaders Burnley who came from behind to beat Fulham 3-2 at Craven Cottage.



Entertainment & Fashion

Fashion face off


Fashion week is a time for new upcoming designers to show off their work all over the world. In places such as New York, London, Paris and Milan. New York has changed the way the world gets dressed on a morning, London favours the beauty vision and innovation, whereas Milan has a vast tradition of craftsmanship and Paris even has glamour to spare. Each and every season starts at New York Fashion week, it may not have the amazing brands you can find in Paris such as Calvin Klein, Halston, Perry Ellis, Michael Kors. The clothes are:floaty, light dresses stitched and embroidered to perfection.

This dress was in the New York show and is only one of many more.




Announced by his family the fifth Beatle died peacefully in his home on Tuesday and thanked everyone “for their thoughts, prayers and messages of support”. Sir George had a vast impact on the Beatles by helping them reach their global success, producing their early 1960s pop recordings to their classic albums.

He was head of the Parlophone record label when he first heard the Beatles demo tape in 1962, with the band releasing their first single “love me do” later in October that year: sir Paul stated him as “a true gentlemen and like a second father to me”.

Despite working with the Beatles he actually worked with other artists such as Elton john, sting and Celine Dion and produced two James bond themes- Shirley bassey’s “Gold finger” and “live and let die” by Paul McCartney and wings.

Sir George’s son Giles sadly tweeted “RIP dad. I love you. I’m so proud to have been your son. Thank you for all the times we had together”.  

A true gentleman to the end.



Total solar eclipse when it’s going to happen and how to watch it

On Wednesday 9th march 2016 some parts of Australia and south East Asia will be able to see also you can see it in Hawaii but it will still be Tuesday the 8th march for those more wests or east in Europe and America it will already be night so it won’t make a difference          

Wednesday 9th march Belitung, in Indonesia

What is a solar eclipse?

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes directly between the Earth and the sun casting a shadow over the Earth it happens during a new moon when the darker side of the moon is facing the Earth

Solar eclipse myths

Many people have different ideas and thoughts on how an eclipse happens here is one of them.

Some people believe that a demon ate the sun Rahu believed to cause eclipses by eating the sun or moon


Scientists find rare fossil

Scientists found a fossil of a lizard which they say is a glimpse of a “lost world”. A fossil dating back to 99 million years ago of a lizard has superb detail, showing scales, a tongue and tiny claws.

Two fossils are relatives two modern day reptile such as geckos and chameleons showing how the sticky toe pads evolved.

The tissues, internal organs and bones can be preserved in amber for a long time, so the animal can be studied because of perfect detail.

“We can pretty much see what is was like when it was alive” prof daza explained.

This missing link was about 80 million older than the world’s oldest chameleon.

The smaller specimens are whole lizards but larger specimens are small fragments.

Together they can resolve the gaps in the family tree between ancient reptiles and there modern relatives.