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The Music Department uses a wide selection of resources, musical genres, and teaching styles to deliver the Music curriculum, and provides students with the opportunity to participate in several extra-curricular groups/activities which are designed to improve their general musicianship, develop team working and leadership skills, improve self-confidence, and aid in the development of social skills. A large variety of instruments are available to help students to progress along their chosen musical path.

The department also has dedicated music composition software which aids students in creating and understanding written music. The Music department consists of one keyboard-equipped teaching room and four practise rooms (which include a drum kit room, an African drum room, a guitar room, and a piano/ensemble room).  The department consists of one full-time, fully qualified Music teacher.

Key Stage 3

Students follow the Music curriculum.  Topics covered include African drumming, Blues, Ostinato, The Orchestra, Reggae, Pop, and Program Music.  All students are encouraged to develop Performing, Composing, and Listening/Appraising skills.

Key Stage 4

Students currently work towards a Btec in Performing Arts which comprises of Dance, Drama and Music.

In the near future we intend to offer GCSE Music which consists of:

Inspiring the next generation of musicians

  • GCSE Music will support students in forming personal and meaningful relationships with music through the development of musical knowledge, understanding and skills.

Engaging range of set works to nurture in-depth musical understanding

  • Engaging content to be delivered through the context of new areas of study and set works.

Wider listening to build transferable appraising skills

  • Includes wider listening that relates to the areas of study, helping students to prepare for appraising music in the exam, and understanding the wider context of pieces.

Supports progression for all

  • Helps students develop their knowledge and skills of music, enabling them to progress from GCSE onto AS and A level Music and then onto undergraduate music or music-related degree courses.

The Music department currently runs several extra-curricular activities:

  • UCA Singing Group
  • Drumming ensemble
  • Keyboard ensemble