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In the Drama department at UCA our aims are:

To develop students confidence.

  • - To encourage teamwork and empathy with others.
  • - To establish positive group dynamics/relationships within their group of peers.
  • - For students to give their own point of view and listen to and respond appropriately to others’ points of view.
  • - For students to build and develop performance skills which can be transferred to other subjects and later life.

The department has access to a drama room with fully equipped lighting rig and sound system, and dance studio with sprung floor. At KS3 students participate in two Drama lessons every fortnight.

KS3 Drama

Through collaborative learning students will develop confidence, communication and teamwork skills, as well as being introduced to acting techniques through practical project work. This includes: movement skills, vocal technique, creating characters, improvisation and devising, explorative strategies, rehearsing and performing.

Students will create short plays either in response to a stimulus or around a selected theme, and can participate in workshop performances. They also have the option to write their own scripts. Students are also encouraged to reflect on their practical work, and offer support and feedback to other members of their group.

Extra-Curricular and Enrichment

A drama club is offered after school which aims to further build on skills learned in class, and work towards a whole school production.

Key Stage 4

Students currently work towards a Btec in Performing Arts which comprises of Dance, Drama and Music.